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There are tremendous rebates available for upgrading or converting your heating system to natural gas. There is also an Early Boiler Replacement Program Rebate that should go into affect sometime in April. Call us for details!!

When your water heater is leaking and you need a replacement call Puleo Plumbing and Heating Inc! There are different options to choose from, a standard chimney vented water heater, tank-less water heater, indirect water heater, heat-pump water heater,combination heat and hot water boilers or even solar! There are rebates for most of these options….

Do you have a boiler that is 30 years or older? There is a rebate program that takes effect April 15th for Early Boiler Replacement!! Rebates of up to $3,500.00!! Call us today to schedule your free estimate! 781-639-6101

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